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Pu'er tea is a fermented and aged green tea, and exists in loose as well as compressed form, in a variety of grades. All pu'er teas tend to have a musty smell, somewhat reminiscent of old socks! The taste of our teas is much more pleasant, with the best grades possessing a sweet mellow flavour. They produce a strongly coloured liquor and the one serve of leaf is capable of many infusions. Some pu'er teas can be quite smoky. The best pu'er teas are made from ancient tea bushes (some of which are so old - over 1000 years - they are tall trees!). If good pu'er tea is stored properly it will improve with age, rather like a good wine. Very old pu'er is highly valued and can fetch enormous sums per ounce, making the "cellaring" of good pu'er at least as good an investment as cellaring red wine. In fact aged pu'er can improve over at least 100 years, whereas very few wines would last that distance! As enthusiastic consumers of both types of anti-oxidant, we recommend hedging your bets and cellaring both! Our loose pu'er tea has a rich earthy aroma with a smooth, deep and satisfying mouth feel and flavour.

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